What is DAREnet?

Flood Response Innovation
by and for Practitioners

Defining the challenges

Enabling collaboration

Facilitating innovations

DAREnet is a network of practitioners dealing with flood resilience in the Danube River Region, supported by a continuously evolving multi-disciplinary community of stakeholders consisting of policy makers, academics, industry and many more.

The DAREnet project will enable Flood Management Practitioners in the Danube River Region

  • to connect and exchange with national and European stakeholders in a truly collaborative environment;
  • to identify and analyse by and for themselves relevant innovation gaps;
  • to translate the gaps into a joint innovation strategy to improve flood resilience in the future.

DAREnet Project Video

The DAREnet project video is dedicated to all practitioners dealing with floods. With this video, DAREnet invites you to get involved and actively contribute to innovate flood response together!

DAREnet needs your knowledge!

Contribute to the DAREnet open online database and help us to formulate joint priorities and initiatives for prevention, preparedness, response and recovery. This will guide and focus the research for innovations that are useful, usable and used by practitioners. You are DAREnet’s main source of information for promising innovations

Join the DAREnet Community!

DAREnet is setting up a multi-disciplinary community of flood practitioners, complemented by policy makers, researchers and industry. Get connected to local and international stakeholders coping with floods, and benefit from large spectrum of experiences, know-how and technologies the most relevant and effective solutions for practitioners.

DAREnet RDI Practitioner Initiatives

DAREnet is also about seeding and incubating concrete innovation initiatives and to give them chance to find the support and resources required to realise them.
If you are interested to find an innovative and effective solution in order to increase the flood resilience, the DAREnet Consortium will provide you the necessary logistic and administrative support and will further promote your initiatives. In this context, we need practitioners like you who know the realities, in order to solve the flood challenges in the upcoming years.
DAREnet therefore invites all practitioners (=YOU!) to express your ideas and to sketch your initiatives in short concept papers according to your needs and addressing key-challenges in the Danube region.
The initiatives primarily address the topics identified in the RDI roadmap.

  • Civil Protection Training
  • Resilience of Citizens
  • Spontaneous Volunteers
  • Civil Protection Methods, Procedures and Technology
  • Communication
  • General Data Management

However, if practitioners are faced with other challenges which are not addressed by the above-mentioned priorities, those initiatives are highly welcomed as well.


A Danubian Practitioner Community

DAREnet will build a dynamic multi-disciplinary community of practitioners, operating in a network of civil protection organisations. The network will be supported by a broad range of stakeholders from policy, industry and research. Together they will build an interdisciplinary ecosystem to foster synergies, innovation and its uptake across the Danube Region.

Connecting National Practitioner Networks

DAREnet will be organised as a network of national Practitioner networks, led by DAREnet National Contacts (DNC), in charge of mobilising and involving their national communities into the region-wide DAREnet Community.
Join your local DAREnet community now!

Innovation Strategies to Enhance Region-Wide Flood Resilience

DAREnet will deliver an annual roadmap highlighting promising innovation opportunities to cope with the main environmental and societal challenges of the region. The DAREnet Roadmap will lay the basis for concrete innovation initiatives, practitioner-driven and “bottom-up”, building a unique portfolio of joint innovation concepts for the Danube River Region. Both, Roadmap and Initiatives, will be proactively promoted towards national and European Policy Makers to support future innovation strategies in the region.

  • Establishing a structured multi-level practitioner dialogue for strengthening flood resilience through interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Improving innovation capacity and integration of new knowledge by forming an Innovation Community across disciplines and country borders
  • Supporting the uptake of concrete innovation initiatives and future collaboration, and preparing the ground for policy innovations

News & Events

National Association of Volunteers in the Republic of Bulgaria joins DAREnet

DAREnet welcomes the National Association of Volunteers in the Republic of Bulgaria (NAVRB) as new project partner.

NAVRB will form the joint shared DAREnet National Contact in Bulgaria together with DG FSCP. In this role, NAVRB will be responsible for widening the existing network using their network of all relevant stakeholders (practitioners, academia, and industry), promoting the project and practitioner initiatives. NAVRB will organise and facilitate national network events, such as a series of chain events (e.g. workshops with regional/local organizations) along the whole country in order to identify potential members for the national network.

NAVRB is among the most authoritative and widely represented volunteer organisations in the Republic of Bulgaria. It consists of all stakeholders in the crisis management process – institutions, volunteers, citizens, clubs and others. The organisation is constantly increasing its membership across the country and is in the process of building a national volunteer network.

More information on NAVRB can be found at http://navrb.bg/


1st Edition of the DAREnet RDI Roadmap available

One of the main goals in DAREnet is to collect needs of practitioners, to analyse identified gaps, to specify challenges and prepare initiatives for next steps, everything with focus to innovations and state of the art in particular areas. The outcome of these activities is laid down in the DAREnet RDI Roadmap, which is filtering most promising opportunities, assessing them from different perspectives and provides a first selection of recommended innovation opportunities.

The Roadmap contains the main findings and outputs from the first DAREnet roadmapping cycle, addressing the fields of

  • Civil Protection Training
  • Civil Protection Methods, Procedures and Technology
  • Spontaneous Volunteers
  • Resilience of Citizens
  • Communication and
  • General Data Management.

This is the first of four editions of the RDI Roadmap over the lifetime of the project.

The Roadmap is available for download at http://darenetproject.eu/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/DAREnet-1st-Edition-of-the-RDI-Roadmap.pdf


A Bulgarian version of the document can be downloaded here: http://darenetproject.eu/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/БЪЛГАРСКИ_DARENET-RDI-Roadmap-V1.pdf

DAREnet Webinar and questionnaire on the 2nd Roadmapping Cycle

DAREnet has concluded a webinar to introduce its approach for the 2nd roadmapping cycle.

The webinar included

  • a brief presentation of the first version of the Research, Development and Innovation Roadmap for the Danube river region and its main findings
  • an overview of the DAREnet roadmapping concept and its scenario-based approach, and
  • the DAREnet approach to involve flood practitioners in the process to ensure coherence and completeness of the process.

You will find a recording of the webinar here:

Our approach is based on a realistic flood scenario. For the current cycle DAREnet concentrates on the aspect of training for different actions and specific tasks. In this context, DAREnet gathers practitioner input to derive requirements or current gaps in the training of practitioners as well as promote discussions on possible (training) solutions. For this, DAREnet has set up a dedicated questionnaire which is accessible at https://ec.europa.eu/eusurvey/runner/2ndDAREnetCycle.


DAREnet kindly invites all flood practitioners to complete the questionnaire and thereby contribute to strengthen flood resilience in the Danube River Region.

DAREnet Webinar on the 2nd Roadmapping Cycle

DAREnet invites to a webinar to present the approach for its 2nd Roadmapping Cycle. Aim of this webinar is to
* briefly present the first version of the Research, Development and Innovation Roadmap for the Danube river region and its main findings
* present the roadmapping concept and its scenario based-approach
* invite you to discuss with us the coherence and completeness of the presented approach and gather valuable input from flood practitioners.

The webinar will take place on 3rd July 2019, 16:00 – 17:30 CEST. For accessing the webinar, please use the following link: https://arttic.webex.com/arttic-en/j.php?MTID=mc0be7e7c163e644970afd655032b779b

Join us!

DAREnet at the 8th EUSDR Annual Forum

DAREnet partner CN APELL-RO attended the 8th Edition of the EUSDR Annual Forum which was set up in Bucharest, Romania, on 26-28 June 2019. DAREnet was presented with a dedicated stand in a Forum exhibition area that was running in parallel with the Forum communication sessions.

A large number of practitioners and other stakeholders (about 600-800) were involved in the Forum event, including representatives of NGOs, industry, research, academia and surely from relevant EU and Romanian institutions.

The project’s activities were promoted through the video-presentation of the Project that rolled over the 2 days activities on the monitors installed in the opposite corners (in each corner was a monitor) of the exhibition hall.

During this event, DAREnet interacted with officials from various EU bodies (e.g. Interreg, Join Reseach Center) and with some potential practitioners from Romania (e.g. Ministry of Water and Forest – senior adviser of the Flood risk management and safety of dams Department, assessment-review counselor at the Romanian Ministry of Regional Development, Counselor State Secretary at the Romanian Ministry of Culture and National Identities, WWF Romania – representatives from ecological reconstruction related to flood project, representative of International Business Development, Syswin solution – industry innovative solution etc.).

About EUSDR:

The EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR) is a macro-regional strategy adopted by the European Commission in December 2010 and endorsed by the European Council in 2011. The Strategy was jointly developed by the Commission, together with the Danube Region countries and stakeholders, in order to address common challenges together. The Strategy seeks to create synergies and coordination between existing policies and initiatives taking place across the Danube Region.


DAREnet featured by the EU Danube Region Strategy

DAREnet is proud to be featured by the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR). Today, EUSDR has published a story on DAREnet, presenting the project approach and its expected outcomes. Special emphasis is put on the DAREnet Practitioner Initiatives, which are highlighted by a concrete example. Read the full story at https://www.facebook.com/DanubeRegionStrategy/posts/2505834989468646?__tn__=K-R

DAREnet Annual Practitioner Forum – Conference video

DAREnet is proud to announce that the video which was shot during the 1st Annual Practitioner Forum is now available. Watch it here!



DAREnet successfully concluded its First Annual Practitioner Forum

A large number of practitioners attended DAREnet’s First Annual Practitioner Forum on 1st March 2019 in Budapest, Hungary. They were representing organisations operating in the field of civil protection, and stakeholders from policy, industry, research and academia.

On the evening upfront the Forum, the practitioners were invited to present their innovations at an informal get-together event. This first face-to-face contact between the invited practitioners and the DAREnet Consortium was a great opportunity to strengthen the relationships between parties through strong interaction and exchange of innovative ideas. The DAREnet Annual Practitioner Forum was dedicated to presenting the RDI Roadmap and launching the 1st Call for RDI Initiatives. The full-day event started with presentation of the DAREnet project followed by some short presentations on the topic “Flood vulnerability in the Danube River region’’. Following that, some of the practitioners held a series of pitch presentation followed by a Q&A session. The session has continued with the presentation of the DAREnet RDI Roadmap concept and 1st Call for Practitioners Initiatives. Finally, the event was concluded with a “World Café’’ session where participants and DAREnet Consortium team members have exchanged their ideas in order to identify gaps and shortcomings related to practitioners’ future initiatives. “I think we organised a really good meeting, offering to the practitioners and to all the actors in the field of flood management and civil protections a great floor to exchange their experiences and that way share the knowledge within the community“ stated Christian J. Illing of THW and Coordinator of DAREnet.

DAREnet First Annual Practitioner Forum in Budapest



DAREnet kindly invites all practitioners active in the field of flood management and response to the first edition of the DAREnet Annual Practitioner Forum.

At the Forum, DAREnet will

  • present the first version of the Research, Development and Innovation Roadmap for the Danube river region,
  • invite Practitioners to develop their own innovation initiatives inspired by the RDI Roadmap,
  • provide a unique opportunity for Practitioners to meet, exchange and network.


The Forum will take place on 1 March 2019 at the Hungaria Hotel City Center in Budapest, Hungary.

The agenda can be accessed here (AGENDA)

Please see also our press release (Press Release)


Registration is open now at https://cmt.eurtd.com/events/event/view/175985/darenet-annual-practitioner-forum

National event presenting DAREnet in Vukovar, Croatia

With the aim to gather various experts and unite their efforts in flood management, the DAREnet Croatian Project partner, National Protection and Rescue Directorate (DUZS) has organized conference named “Good practices, innovations, and development of flood defense system“ on 11th December 2018 in Vukovar.

In three panels: “Catastrophic floods – Risk Assessment and Risk Reduction“, “Stakeholders, methods, procedures an technology in flood defense“ and “Transboundary/international cooperation in water management“, experts from Croatian Waters (legal entity for water management); Croatian Meteorological and Hydrological Service; Croatian Red Cross; Croatian Mountain Rescue Service; International Sava River Basin Commission; RACVIAC – Centre for Security Cooperation; Vukovarsko – Srijemska County and Corus Company (with their  „Water To Fight Water“ innovative flood protection method) had their presentations which were basis for fruitful discussions scheduled after each panel. More than 50 participants – from expert level, local and regional self-government to general public, has recognized this event as a valuable opportunity for networking and exchange of best practices. The main focus of the conference was on DAREnet “RDI topics” and also, general presentation of the project was held with an invitation for active involvement.  As the product of this conference, “Book of proceedings“ will be published online and available to all project partners and interested parties as a tool for transfer of national knowledge and experiences in flood defense, such as RESCUE 3 training courses (water safety and rescue/powerboat operations), Danube ice floods, innovation solutions, flood prevention, etc.

The event was covered by Croatian National television, the report is accessible at https://bit.ly/2QOrNGh.


The DAREnet Partners

The DAREnet consortium forms the backbone of the transnational, multi-disciplinary network. It brings together a unique combination of renowned institutions and players in flood mitigation and civil protection. This consortium provides a broad and complementary coverage of the needed capabilities, the geographic balance, and strategic motivation to succeed. A long history of previous collaboration providing the basis for an effective execution of DAREnet and beyond.


1st Edition of the DAREnet RDI Roadmap in Bulgarian

DAREnet RDI Roadmap

1st Edition of the DAREnet RDI Roadmap

DAREnet RDI Roadmap

DAREnet Project Poster (Croatian)


Latest DAREnet Flyer in English


DAREnet Flyer in German

DAREnet Flyer deutsch

DAREnet Project Poster (English)

DAREnet Project Poster

First DAREnet flyer in English




Project Coordinator
Dr Christian J. Illing
Federal Agency for
Technical Relief (THW)

Management Team
Balazs Kern,
Andreas Schweinberger