What is DAREnet?

Flood Response Innovation
by and for Practitioners

Defining the challenges

Enabling collaboration

Facilitating innovations

DAREnet is a network of practitioners dealing with flood resilience in the Danube River Region, supported by a continuously evolving multi-disciplinary community of stakeholders consisting of policy makers, academics, industry and many more.

The DAREnet project will enable Flood Management Practitioners in the Danube River Region

  • to connect and exchange with national and European stakeholders in a truly collaborative environment;
  • to identify and analyse by and for themselves relevant innovation gaps;
  • to translate the gaps into a joint innovation strategy to improve flood resilience in the future.

DAREnet Project Video

The DAREnet project video is dedicated to all practitioners dealing with floods. With this video, DAREnet invites you to get involved and actively contribute to innovate flood response together!

DAREnet needs your knowledge!

Contribute to the DAREnet open online database and help us to formulate joint priorities and initiatives for prevention, preparedness, response and recovery. This will guide and focus the research for innovations that are useful, usable and used by practitioners. You are DAREnet’s main source of information for promising innovations

Join the DAREnet Community!

DAREnet is setting up a multi-disciplinary community of flood practitioners, complemented by policy makers, researchers and industry. Get connected to local and international stakeholders coping with floods, and benefit from large spectrum of experiences, know-how and technologies the most relevant and effective solutions for practitioners.


A Danubian Practitioner Community

DAREnet will build a dynamic multi-disciplinary community of practitioners, operating in a network of civil protection organisations. The network will be supported by a broad range of stakeholders from policy, industry and research. Together they will build an interdisciplinary ecosystem to foster synergies, innovation and its uptake across the Danube Region.

Connecting National Practitioner Networks

DAREnet will be organised as a network of national Practitioner networks, led by DAREnet National Contacts (DNC), in charge of mobilising and involving their national communities into the region-wide DAREnet Community.
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Innovation Strategies to Enhance Region-Wide Flood Resilience

DAREnet will deliver an annual roadmap highlighting promising innovation opportunities to cope with the main environmental and societal challenges of the region. The DAREnet Roadmap will lay the basis for concrete innovation initiatives, practitioner-driven and “bottom-up”, building a unique portfolio of joint innovation concepts for the Danube River Region. Both, Roadmap and Initiatives, will be proactively promoted towards national and European Policy Makers to support future innovation strategies in the region.

  • Establishing a structured multi-level practitioner dialogue for strengthening flood resilience through interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Improving innovation capacity and integration of new knowledge by forming an Innovation Community across disciplines and country borders
  • Supporting the uptake of concrete innovation initiatives and future collaboration, and preparing the ground for policy innovations

News & Events

DAREnet Challenges and RDI Topics published

The Report on DAREnet Challenges and RDI Topics is available for download now. This document compiles a list of almost 100 RDI Topics thematically grouped in 14 distinct RDI Topic groups. Based on the first RDI Topic list issued here, future work within the DAREnet project will be planned. The DAREnet Challenges and RDI Topics mark the start of the of the first road mapping cycle, which will lead to practitioner-driven initiatives, addressing innovation opportunities identified in the DAREnet RDI roadmap.

The report is available in the download area (here)

DAREnet partners at FIRE-IN Workshop 26-27 February 2018

DAREnet partners THW and ICPDR were invited by FIRE-IN to attend the Thematic Working Group D „Natural Disasters“ session on floods and flesh floods scenraios. Together with other Associated Experts, the DAREnet partners discussed current challenges of these scenarions and resulting practitioner needs (procedural & organisational; personnel; equipment). The workshop took place on 26-27 February 2018 in Berlin, Germany.

FIRE-IN has been designed to raise the security level of EU citizens by improving the national and European Fire & Rescue (F&R) capability development process. FIRE-IN addresses the concern that capability-driven research and innovation in this area needs much stronger guidance from practitioners and better exploitation of the technology potentially available for the discipline. The overarching result of the project will be a proven process for organising F&R capability-driven research based on a wide practitioner and research and innovation network.

DAREnet at the 2nd Practitioner Innovation in Security Research Workshop 5 March 2018

On Monday, 5 March 2018, 5 Coordinators and representatives of DAREnet, I-LEAD, eNOTICE, ILEAnet and FIRE-IN and DRIVER+ hold a common workshop, to exchange about their experiences, challenges and common goals, as well as recent successes. One important point raised by the EC and discussed by the projects was, how the Coordiantion and Support Actions (CSA) can be approached by other projects to benefit most from the established networks. As outcome, the CSAs will create a form to ensure an easy way of approaching. The next meeting of this group is intended for June in conjunction with the next Community of Users Meeting.

About the Practitioner Innovation in Security Research workshop series

The workshop-series will facilitate the exchange of approaches and methodologies, gathered
experiences and obtained results related to the successful and sustainable introduction of innovation coming from security research and related initiatives. Practitioners and technological providers will discuss in a continuous dialogue supported by collaborative online-tools how to ensure needs-driven solution development and an accelerated uptake of promising innovations. Establishing a mutual understanding based on a continuous Practitioner-Technologist dialogue will significantly contribute to the successful introduction of innovations arising from EU security research.

The DAREnet Partners

The DAREnet consortium forms the backbone of the transnational, multi-disciplinary network. It brings together a unique combination of renowned institutions and players in flood mitigation and civil protection. This consortium provides a broad and complementary coverage of the needed capabilities, the geographic balance, and strategic motivation to succeed. A long history of previous collaboration providing the basis for an effective execution of DAREnet and beyond.


Offical DAREnet flyer in English




Project Coordinator
Dr Christian J. Illing
Federal Agency for
Technical Relief (THW)

Management Team
Balazs Kern,
Andreas Schweinberger