Based on the outcomes of a webinar jointly organised by the Horizon 2020 Security Practitioner networks projects DAREnet, eNOTICE, FIRE-IN, MEDEA and FIRE-IN, a result paper has been produced and published.

The webinar provided the participants with the opportunity to gain insights into the current approaches and best practices as well potential future applications of the concept of Just-in-Time Training (JITT) within response organisations. Based on first-hand experiences that the speakers have gathered through their involvement in past and recent disasters, in particular the COVID-19 pandemic, did the webinar provide a forum to share knowledge and experiences about how JITT can enable first responder to rapidly acquire specific skills or knowledge when the immediate need arises.

Following the success of the webinar this paper aims at summarising the challenges and practices identified to make the results available to a wider audience. The paper as well as the recordings and presentations of the webinar can be accessed via: The paper is also available for download here.

DAREnet is organising a series of online workshops on dedicated sub-domains focusing on “equipment” for flood response and flood management. The workshops are part of DAREnet’s 3rd Research and Innovation Roadmapping Cycle. The outcomes of the discussions within the webinars will be fed into the 3rd edition of the DAREnet Research and Innovation Roadmap (for earlier editions, please see here).

The following topics will be addressed in the webinars:

We kindly invite all first responders and practitioners to join and discuss with us the gaps but also the innovation potential of the above topics.

Let’s innovate flood response and management together!

Our Project Partner Hungarian Civil Protection Association (HCPA) has published a DAREnet Special Issue of the Civil Protection Review (Polgári Védelmi Szemle). This special issue of the renewed Civil Protection Review includes the scientific papers related to the research work of DAREnet, but also presentations of the scientific conference related to the 20th anniversary of Hungary’s NATO membership and the 30th anniversary of the ratification of the Geneva Conventions at the Hungarian Civil Defense Association.
All publications are peer-reviewed, ensuring its structured diversity in relation to the general topic of civil protection. The publication contains contributions in both Hungarian and English.

The DAREnet Special Edition of the Civil Protection Edition is available for download HERE.

The online webinar “Just-in-Time Training: Best practices and methodologies in the medical, flood response and CBRN fields” which has jointly been organised by DAREnet together with eNOTICE, FIRE-IN, MEDEA and NO-FEAR, has successfully been concluded.

More than 400 people registered for the three sessions and almost 250 attendants joined our online workshop!

This level of participation, together with the active involvement shown during the debates with the audience provides evidence of how relevant this topic is for a broad range of stakeholders in the security domain.

The recording of the webinar together with all presentations is accessible in the media center of the event’s public website at

In 2019, the first round of DAREnet Practitioner Initiatives led to a compendium of practitioner-driven innovation initiatives. This year, DAREnet launches the second Call for Practitioner Initiatives, this time focusing training. While the first call was directed at institutes and organisations active in flood response or flood management, the second call is directed at the improvement of the training of first responders or volunteers. 

Participants sketch their ideas how to improve the training of first responders or volunteers in short concept papers, submit them to the DAREnet consortium and get the chance to win an invitation to the next DAREnet Annual Practitioner Forum. In addition, the DAREnet consortium will provide participants with the necessary logistic and administrative support to shape their idea. 

All initiatives submitted to DAREnet will be compiled in a portfolio and made available to the public. The portfolio will be actively promoted and will help to  

To get more information click here.  

You are also kindly invited to submit your idea directly here.

Together with the EU-funded security networks of practitioners FIRE-IN, NO-FEAR, eNOTICE and MEDEA, DAREnet is organising a live webinar on the topic of just-in-time training applied to their domains on Thursday, June 18th 2020, from 10am to 12pm CEST.

In the medical, civil protection and security fields, just-in-time training is delivered to practitioners to allow for the rapid acquisition of specific skills or knowledge when the need arises. Drawing from the experience of the COVID-19 pandemic, which resulted in the demand for immediate training of medical staff and other first responders in different aspects of infectious disease management, the webinar will expand on the current and potential applications of this concept response organisations with best practices and methodologies from three speakers with different backgrounds.

DAREnet will be represented by its Coordinator Christian Illing of THW who will be co-moderating the webinar. Furthermore, Zsolt Kelemen, Head of the Disaster Management Working Group of the EU Strategy for Danube Region Priority Area 5 on Environmental Risks and vice president of the Hungarian Firefighters’ Association, will provide an overview of the learnings that resulted from the training of volunteers during the floods that struck the Danube region in 2013 and how these have been applied to subsequent emergencies mobilising volunteers. 

Participation is free and open to practitioners, researchers and other interested professionals from different disciplines. Please register HERE to the event to receive your personal invitation:

More information on the webinar can be found at

Coordination in operative flood management is increasingly important with more floods affecting multiple countries which calls for harmonising and better coordinating Operative Flood Management Plans (OFMPs) along the Danube. To address this, an international workshop was organised by the EUSDR PA5 Hungarian co-coordinationon on 27 November 2019 in Pécs; Hungary. DAREnet was represented by its Coordinator THW at this workshop.
The outcomes of this workshop including DAREnet’s contribution were compiled in a study on Operative Management Plans, which has now been made available for download at

Due to the Corona virus outbreak and the related developments throughout whole Europe, we have to cancel the DAREnet / EUSDR PA5 Annual Practitioner Forum on 13/14 May 2020 in Zagreb.

Together with the local host and EUSDR PA5 we are working on an alternative date in autumn and will communicate it here as soon as possible.

We hope for your understanding for this decision.

Stay safe and healthy!

DAREnet is delighted to announce its 2nd Annual Practitioner Forum which will take place on 13th and 14th May 2020 in Zagreb, Croatia.
This year’s edition of the Annual Forum is co-organised by DAREnet and the EU Strategy for the Danube Region’s Priority Area 5 on Environmental Risks. The overall thematic focus of the event will be on practitioner training, including gaps and challenges in that thematic area as well as potential innovations that address these challenges. In this context, DAREnet will present its second edition of the Research and Innovation Roadmap as well as the Portfolio of Practitioner Innovation Initiatives. EUSDR PA5 will introduce their Disaster Management Working Group concept and give an overview on how projects and initiatives related to disaster response can be supported by the macroregional strategy. The event will include high-level keynote speakers from policy making, practitioner organisations, academia and research. Interactive workshops will facilitate knowledge gathering and professional exchange. The event will be concluded by a small-scale flood exercise at the Rakitje Lake.

DAREnet has attended the DRIVER+ Final Conference on Advanced Crisis Management with several project partners. The event took place on 19-20 February 2020 in Brussels. DAREnet presented itself together with the EU Strategy for the Danube Region Priority Area 5 in a dedicated co-stand to the interested audience.

The event brought together over 220 Crisis Management specialists, academics and technology developers from throughout Europe and beyond. The event was the culmination of several years of work involving Trials, demonstrations, technology assessments and research to help improve crisis management throughout Europe, in particular in connection with climate change related events such as wildfires and flooding.