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Despite the great efforts made to increase flood resilience, we are still vulnerable to flood hazards. This situation tends to get worse considering the future climate and land-use projections. If you are interested to find an innovative and effective solution in order to increase the flood resilience, the DAREnet Consortium will provide you the necessary logistic and administrative support and will further promote your initiatives. In this context, we need practitioners like you who know the realities, in order to solve the flood challenges in the upcoming years.

DAREnet invites you to express your ideas and develop Research, Development and Innovation Initiative Concepts according to your needs and addressing key-challenges in the Danube region. DAREnet will you support you with its network infrastructure and logistics in order to promote broadest possible uptake for your initiative.

All submitted initiatives will be compiled in a Practitioner Initiative Portfolio and made accessible to the DAREnet Community.

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A well-structured and professionally supported dialogue of practitioners from all relevant disciplines is driving the process of identifying, assessing and programming innovation in the Danube region. This dialogue is built on first-hand experience and state of the art knowledge, and refined in an iterative process, enriched by other key-stakeholders, such as flood mitigation experts from the industry and academia, and representatives of the relevant political/institutional actors, namely the European Commission and related programmes, such as the EU Strategy for the Danube River, as well as the relevant national, regional and local authorities.

This dialogue is facilitated by the DAREnet Community. It is a truly collaborative environment bringing together practitioners, researchers, industry representatives and decision makers, to identify and analyse the most relevant innovation gaps, and to translate the gaps into a joint innovation strategy to improve flood resilience in the future.

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