DAREnet's results

Since its very beginning, the DAREnet project and the involved partners have generated considerable outputs. You will find a selection of the most relevant project results and dissemination activities on this site.

DAREnet: Flood Response Innovation by and for Practitioners

The DAREnet project will enable Flood Management Practitioners in the Danube River Region to:

  • identify and analyse by and for themselves relevant innovation gaps.
  • translate the gaps into a joint innovation strategy to improve flood resilience in the future.

Until 2022, DAREnet will deliver an annual Innovation Roadmap highlighting promising innovation opportunities to cope with the main environmental and societal challenges of the region. The Roadmap is the result of a systematic assessment and prioritisation of promising Innovations (->Roadmapping cycle). The DAREnet Roadmap lays the basis for concrete innovation initiatives, practitioner-
driven and “bottom-up”. For this, DAREnet publishes regular calls for initiatives, enabling practitioners to formulate and develop their ideas with the support of the DAREnet network.

Both, Roadmap and Initiatives, will be proactively promoted towards national and European Policy Makers to support future innovation strategies in the region.

DAREnet Outputs

Project Results

During the roadmapping process, DAREnet produces important project outputs which process that filter and prioritise from a large spectrum of experiences, know-how and technologies the most relevant and effective solutions for practitioners.

This includes the identification of major challenges of flood practitioners in the Danube region, giving a general orientation to the search for innovative solutions. These challenges constitute the DAREnet Innovation Roadmap which provides concrete perspectives for innovation opportunities of highest priority. The Innovation Roadmap then provides concrete orientation for the practitioner-driven innovation concepts which are compiled in a portfolio of initiatives.


The project partners regularly present the results of their work in DAREnet in scientific journals and at national and international conferences.

Press Review

DAREnet is regularly covered by national and international media. You will find a selection of articles on DAREnet here.