The Serbian National Association of Volunteer Firefighters (VSS) is a voluntary and non-profit organization based on freedom of association established for the purpose of organised voluntary participation of citizens in implementing fire protection, rescuing people and property and implementing projects and programs in this area that are of public interest. Serbian National Association of Volunteer Firefighters was founded in 1950. Serbian National Association of Volunteer Firefighters is the umbrella organization of Serbia’s municipal, city and inter-municipal firefighter associations and the volunteer firefighter associations of the autonomous provinces.

VSS is forming the DAREnet National Contact for Serbia jointly with MOI SEM. MOI SEM will mainly proceed gathering input from national network members (practitioner needs, RDI topics, etc.). VSS will widen the existing DAREnet network using their own network of all relevant stakeholders in Serbia. In particular, VSS will plan, organise and participate in knowledge exchange activities among the DAREnet project participants, create a network of relevant national stakeholders that provides support in identifying gaps, needs and solutions related to VSS in Serbia, and support the creation a transnational/-regional network of volunteer fire fighting associations in the Danube River region.

Budapest Firefighters’ Association (BTSZ), founded in 1890, is an independent non-governmental organisation. It is guided by the fundamental principles of the (Hungarian) National Firefighters’ Association and implements its core activities with the help of volunteers. Through its activities, BTSZ aims to promote volunteering and represent its member organisations (22 volunteer fire brigades and 28 business organisations – incl. Budapest Transport Company, Pécs Energy Ltd., Auchan Hungary, Andreas STIHL, Semmelweis University, Budapest Power Plant, Drager Safety Hungary, Oiltanking Hungary, GE Hungary, …), both at national as well as at international level. In Budapest, BTSZ has a network of around 1,000 volunteers. BTSZ is a member of the (Hungarian) National Firefighters’ Association and Budapest Rescue Organisation.

BTSZ takes over different responsibilities across the whole project, the one of central importance is the role as lead of WP2 on Network buidling. BTSZ establishes and maintains contacts and exchange with regional RDI projects and act as a direct interface to EUSDR to ensure continuous alignment of activities, facilitate links with DG ECHO, in particular in the light of the UCPM Knowledge Network, and facilitate interaction with DG REGIO and Danube Transnational Programme. BTSZ contributes to the project’s sustainability, in particular by ensuring close alignment with the objectives and scope of activities of the EUSDR PA5 DMWG with aim to work towards an uptake of DAREnet results into this framework.

Since its foundation in 2014, the National Association of Volunteers in the Republic of Bulgaria (NAVRB) aims at creating an active network of volunteers and to strengthen the capacity of volunteers and volunteer formations in the Republic of Bulgaria. NAVRB is dedicated to the promotion and development of volunteering in Bulgaria, e.g. by increasing the motivation of citizens to participate in voluntary units and so to ensure conditions for prevention and effective protection of the population. NAVRB aims at co-ordinating and interacting between state and local authorities, the non-governmental sector, businesses and citizens in order to develop an organised voluntary movement and to ensure the protection of the population in case of disasters, fires and other emergencies and also effective preventive activities.

Together with DG FSCP, NAVRB is responsible for the joint shared DAREnet National Contact in Bulgaria. In this role, NAVRB will be responsible for widening the existing network using their network of all relevant stakeholders (practitioners, academia, and industry), promoting the project and practitioner initiatives.

ARTTIC Innovation is a company of the PNO Consultants Group, the European leader in collaboration engineering, consultancy and management services for international research and technology related partnerships. The team at AI has been built since 2006 and has set up and managed numerous projects in EU funding programmes. Currently, AI is collaborating with multi-national consortia in EU funded projects. AI builds and assists collaborative undertakings and in particular European research consortia and networks from all businesses and research sectors, small and large, private, and public, to ensure their collaborative innovation ventures are as successful as possible funding.

ARTTIC leads the communication and dissemination activities in DAREnet, and is in charge for the administration of the DAREnet Community. Further, ARTTIC supports the Coordinator THW in all administrative, financial and operational management tasks.

Stad GEEL city council is the local governing body of the city of Geel, a 39.000 inhabitants city located in the province of Antwerp. Geel has three important waterways (one canal for boating, one for traffic between the port of Antwerp and Liege and a river which makes a part of Geel flood-prone).

Stad GEEL acts as a contact point for Belgium and will recruit Belgian practitioners and relevant experts to attend / speak at DAREnet conferences. Further, GEEL provides information to DAREnet from an non Danube point of view and exchanges best practices. GEEL promotes interoperability between first responder organisations to efficiently manage contingencies. Within DAREnet innovative ways to boast interoperability in the region will be identified.

The German Aerospace Center (DLR) is the national aeronautics and space research centre of the Federal Republic of Germany. The DLR institutes Transportation Systems, dealing with automotive and railway systems as well as for traffic management, and the German Remote Sensing Data Center, responsible for the handling of Earth Observation missions will be involved in DAREnet.

DLR leads the Innovation Monitoring within DAREnet and leads the research and monitoring on latest findings in scientific publications and promising results of recent or running RDI projects. DLR further is responsible for the knowledge acquisition and consolidation process, resulting in the DAREnet Knowledge Base.

The Faculty of Security Studies (FB) is a graduate-level member institution of the University of Belgrade. Within its core activity, the security studies, the Faculty offers basic academic and undergraduate studies, Master degree studies, doctoral, and specialist undergraduate studies, as well as professional training and education. The Faculty carries out basic scholarly, applied and development research and has been accredited as a scholarly institution by the Ministry for Science and Environment of the Republic of Serbia.

FB is in particular be responsible for the gathering of knowledge required to assess innovation from a holistic perspective with regards to flood history, external factors, risk management and prevention.

ITTI sp. z o.o. (ITTI) is an SME working in IT and telecommunications sectors, located in Poznan, Poland. The company has at present a team consisting of ca. 80 persons. ITTI’s main activities are technical consulting and applied R&D in the area of telecommunications and IT, and the development of innovative applications and software solutions.

ITTI is in charge of interfacing with the industry, both with associations or individual businesses. ITTI establishes contact with the leaders of selected key-players, collects information about their activities and assess possibilities to cooperate, creates synergies or disseminate DAREnet results. ITTI is in charge of the scoping of the RDI opportunities developed in DAREnet and the performance of maturity/risk assessments for their uptake.

The Fire Safety and Civil Protection Directorate General (DG FSCP) part of Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Bulgaria, and is a national specialized structure responsible for fire safety, rescue and protection in cases of disasters. Its main tasks are prevention and control, emergency rescue and recovery activities, early warning and alert in case of disasters and aerial danger. Further, DG FSCP is responsible for the operational cooperation with the EU and NATO structures and other international organizations.

DG FSCP acts as DAREnet National Contact for Bulgaria and thus it provides networking with other partners from the National Platform for the purposes of project implementation.

CN APELL-RO is an independent, non-governmental and non-profit organization registered in Romania. CN APELL-RO Foundation’s aim is to enhance knowledge, awareness participation and management of different stakeholders in risk prevention and protection, response and mitigation methods and activities, as well as the promotion of environmental policies and strategies implementation, in the context of sustainable development.

APELL-RO leads and coordinates the DAREnet Practitioner RDI Initiatives, and acts as first contact point for practitioners. CN APELL-RO is the DAREnet National Contact for Romania.