Civil Protection Directorate, Ministry of Interior

Civil Protection Directorate (MUP RCZ) is established for the purposes of performing various administrative and professional tasks among which are: the establishment of the civil protection system, rescue of citizens, material and other assets in major accidents and disasters; training and developing protection and rescue participants; carrying out tasks, measures and activities of civil protection; managing the alert and notification system and performing tasks related to international cooperation in the field of civil protection.

For the performance of tasks within the scope of Civil Protection Directorate, the following organisational units are established: Office of the Civil Protection Directorate; Civil Protection Operations Centre; National Civil Protection Training Centre; Inspection Sector; Disaster Risk Reduction Sector; Radiological and Nuclear Safety Sector; Preparedness and Coordination Sector; 112 Sector; National CP Intervention Unit; Explosive Atmospheres Sector; Croatian Mine Action Centre.

MUP RCZ is the DAREnet National Contact in Croatia and interacts with the national academia and industry in the process of developing new innovative solutions in the field of flood prevention.