DAREnet at the 2nd Practitioner Innovation in Security Research Workshop 5 March 2018

On Monday, 5 March 2018, 5 Coordinators and representatives of DAREnet, I-LEAD, eNOTICE, ILEAnet and FIRE-IN and DRIVER+ hold a common workshop, to exchange about their experiences, challenges and common goals, as well as recent successes. One important point raised by the EC and discussed by the projects was, how the Coordiantion and Support Actions (CSA) can be approached by other projects to benefit most from the established networks. As outcome, the CSAs will create a form to ensure an easy way of approaching. The next meeting of this group is intended for June in conjunction with the next Community of Users Meeting.

About the Practitioner Innovation in Security Research workshop series

The workshop-series will facilitate the exchange of approaches and methodologies, gathered
experiences and obtained results related to the successful and sustainable introduction of innovation coming from security research and related initiatives. Practitioners and technological providers will discuss in a continuous dialogue supported by collaborative online-tools how to ensure needs-driven solution development and an accelerated uptake of promising innovations. Establishing a mutual understanding based on a continuous Practitioner-Technologist dialogue will significantly contribute to the successful introduction of innovations arising from EU security research.