DAREnet Webinar and questionnaire on the 2nd Roadmapping Cycle

DAREnet has concluded a webinar to introduce its approach for the 2nd roadmapping cycle.

The webinar included

  • a brief presentation of the first version of the Research, Development and Innovation Roadmap for the Danube river region and its main findings
  • an overview of the DAREnet roadmapping concept and its scenario-based approach, and
  • the DAREnet approach to involve flood practitioners in the process to ensure coherence and completeness of the process.

You will find a recording of the webinar here:

Our approach is based on a realistic flood scenario. For the current cycle DAREnet concentrates on the aspect of training for different actions and specific tasks. In this context, DAREnet gathers practitioner input to derive requirements or current gaps in the training of practitioners as well as promote discussions on possible (training) solutions. For this, DAREnet has set up a dedicated questionnaire which is accessible at https://ec.europa.eu/eusurvey/runner/2ndDAREnetCycle.

DAREnet kindly invites all flood practitioners to complete the questionnaire and thereby contribute to strengthen flood resilience in the Danube River Region.