‘Early Warning to Action’ joint event concluded successfully

The event was jointly organised from 30 November – 2 December 2022 in Aschheim, Germany by the EU-funded #H2020 practitioners’ Network projects #DAREnet and #MEDEA, in collaboration with #IFAFRI – International Forum to Advance First Responder Innovation.

A total of more than 60 experts, first responders and policymakers from disaster, and crisis management, form both sides of the Atlantic, including, among others, the European Commission, the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the German Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW) and the Hellenic Center for Security Studies (KEMEA) joined the event physically or online.

The event provided a unique opportunity for knowledge exchange, network building and idea generation among the participants. This was done through:

  1. Presentations of innovative solutions by 10 leading companies
  2. Keynote speeches and panel discussions from esteemed guests, such as Albrecht Broemme (THW), Daniel Cotter (DHS), Michelle Royal (FirstLink), Genny Dimitrakopoulou (KEMEA), and Philippe Quevauviller (DG HOME)
  3. Networking sessions and on-site visits

We would like to extend a warm ‘thank you’ to everyone for sharing their experience and insights which made the event a huge success for everyone involved.