Final project report published

During the past five and a half years the DAREnet project facilitated fruitful exchanges and supported the identification of innovation opportunities with the aim to contribute to a more disaster-resilient Danube Region.

This resulted in the compilation of a comprehensive state-of-the-art report, titled:  

“Towards a macro-regional disaster management framework in the Danube Region”

The report was developed in close collaboration with the EUSDR PA5 Disaster Management Working Group and provides insights into a multitude of activities and projects that were implemented in the past years. The report brings forward eleven policy recommendations that aim to support building and strengthening macro-regional approaches to disaster management in the Danube Region.

The project is particularly proud that the report was thoroughly discussed and endorsed by key policy representatives from DG HOME, DG ECHO, DG REGIO, EUSDR PA5, ICPDR and EUSBSR during the final project event in Bratislava.

We look forward to further expanding and consolidating our network to strengthen the cooperation within the Danube region and beyond.

DAREnet would like to thank all partners and colleagues for their collaboration and support.

The report is available for download here.