Joint result paper on Just-in-Time Training

Based on the outcomes of a webinar jointly organised by the Horizon 2020 Security Practitioner networks projects DAREnet, eNOTICE, FIRE-IN, MEDEA and FIRE-IN, a result paper has been produced and published.

The webinar provided the participants with the opportunity to gain insights into the current approaches and best practices as well potential future applications of the concept of Just-in-Time Training (JITT) within response organisations. Based on first-hand experiences that the speakers have gathered through their involvement in past and recent disasters, in particular the COVID-19 pandemic, did the webinar provide a forum to share knowledge and experiences about how JITT can enable first responder to rapidly acquire specific skills or knowledge when the immediate need arises.

Following the success of the webinar this paper aims at summarising the challenges and practices identified to make the results available to a wider audience. The paper as well as the recordings and presentations of the webinar can be accessed via: The paper is also available for download here.