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You are a professional in flood response or flood management and are convinced that the training of first responders or volunteers could be better? Are you interested to find innovative and effective solutions in order to increase the flood resilience? Your concept can be either a new innovative idea, which you would like to develop, or it can expand or improve an existing good solution that works well elsewhere and could be adopted. The best ideas will be invited to the next DAREnet Annual Practitioner Forum to present themselves to a broad audience! This event is a unique opportunity for practitioners to meet, exchange and network with academia, industry, policy makers and funding authorities. We need practitioners like you who are familiar with the realities to solve the challenges of the coming years!

Your idea makes the difference

Despite the great efforts made to civil protection and practitioner training activities in the context of floods, there are still shortcomings in this area. If you are interested to find innovative and effective solutions for practitioner training contributing to increasing flood resilience, the DAREnet Consortium gives you the opportunity to express your ideas towards a European community of security practitioners. We support you to discuss your ideas with relevant national and European stakeholders. DAREnet has the network and contacts to promote your ideas, supporting you in the uptake of your initiative.

All submitted initiatives will be compiled in a Practitioner Initiative Portfolio and made accessible to the DAREnet Community.

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A well-structured and professionally supported dialogue of practitioners from all relevant disciplines is driving the process of identifying, assessing and programming innovation in the Danube region. This dialogue is built on first-hand experience and state of the art knowledge, and refined in an iterative process, enriched by other key-stakeholders, such as flood mitigation experts from the industry and academia, and representatives of the relevant political/institutional actors, namely the European Commission and related programmes, such as the EU Strategy for the Danube River, as well as the relevant national, regional and local authorities.

This dialogue is facilitated by the DAREnet Community. It is a truly collaborative environment bringing together practitioners, researchers, industry representatives and decision makers, to identify and analyse the most relevant innovation gaps, and to translate the gaps into a joint innovation strategy to improve flood resilience in the future.

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