Call for Practitioner Initiatives 2020 – training edition

In 2019, the first round of DAREnet Practitioner Initiatives led to a compendium of practitioner-driven innovation initiatives. This year, DAREnet launches the second Call for Practitioner Initiatives, this time focusing training. While the first call was directed at institutes and organisations active in flood response or flood management, the second call is directed at the improvement of the training of first responders or volunteers. 

Participants sketch their ideas how to improve the training of first responders or volunteers in short concept papers, submit them to the DAREnet consortium and get the chance to win an invitation to the next DAREnet Annual Practitioner Forum. In addition, the DAREnet consortium will provide participants with the necessary logistic and administrative support to shape their idea. 

All initiatives submitted to DAREnet will be compiled in a portfolio and made available to the public. The portfolio will be actively promoted and will help to  

  • bring interested parties together and form consortia,  
  • jointly explore possibilities for the development of common capabilities,  
  • make innovation available to practitioners in all participating countries,  
  • improve flood-resilience effectively. 

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You are also kindly invited to submit your idea directly here.